Ageless, timeless items that will never go out of fashion, because they were never trendy or ‘in fashion’, little details that make for understated elegance… These are the things I thought of when creating Fey.

Fatoş Yalın Arkun

Founder, Creative Director

Ugly light fixtures with glaring florescent lights shining onto the streets; these are the types of things that first caught her attention as a little girl. These were the first signs that in the future, she would work in the field of visual arts and design… Her career spans Vizon magazine, then the fashion retailer Yargıcı, followed by 24 years at the Turkish edition of Marie Claire magazine. At one point, wanting her freedom from commercial magazines that rely on sales, she started to publish Biz magazine. And with this publication, in 1989, she became the first person to hold the title of ‘Fashion Editor’ at a Turkish magazine.

Her desire to share the knowledge she acquired over the years led her to open a space that she envisioned not as a store, but as a space where visitors can come to feel good. It was with this dream that she created FEY. Her source of inspiration was James Mason Brown’s quote “The fey quality was there, the ability to see the moon at midday”. Fey brings together its own clothing label along with vintage items, accessories and home decor. Just as the name says, the designs are unique, magical and beyond the ordinary…